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SatSports are pleased to announce that we have negotiated very special deals and superior rates with many of Europe’s leading satellite card subscription providers. Giving you all, better and lower cost real alternatives to UK live sports channels.
Our leading edge satellite technologies enables anyone in the UK to access all available games for various sports, including the top football games, live and in English audio.
Please fill out the contact form with your details and we will send you a comprehensive guide and pricing email. Or if you wish you can go straight to our copyrighted no site visit, no obligation enquiry form , so that we can familierise ourselves with your specific requirements. No sales reps are employed by Satsports, no long term expensive leasing agreements, just straight forward 12 and 24 month pricing, including expert installation nationwide.
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2011 - 2012 Football Season Specials Throughout the year from satsports

Viasat 24 Month Football Package

Attention all landlords, club secretaries, committee members, hotel managers!!! Did you know this year will be a very special installation year? The pre 2011 / 2012 EPL football season will be a very busy period for all quality installers?

Many pubs and clubs will want to change from Sky Italy to other European broadcasters. This is due to no more English audio on EPL football from Sky Italy and because of the bad experiences lots of landlords had after card serial numbers were being flashed up on their viewing screens from Sky Italy.
Many this year will change to Viasat who show every single EPL game live and in English. However what most do not realise; is that to install Viasat correctly and with the recommended equipment, means booking your installation now, to avoid disappointment and lost business.
Viasat is both time consuming, more expensive and requires in most cases larger dishes, quad LNB’s, amplified tuner equipment with dual feed cabling. Meaning most who what to change to this broadcaster need to budget now and change /  install in the very near future.
Viasat have these lucrative football rights for the next two years at least, and so now is the time to commit to the equipment required. Viasat is European and so legal, Viasat is by far the broadcaster to have if you want full coverage EPL live games. We are already taking steps to have all enquiries booked in and therefore, we’re now taking orders and preparing for the many who wish to change to Viasat, ready for the coming new season.
Please be aware that as soon as this season finishes it matters little when you have the install as long (of course) as it’s before the start of the 2011 – 2012 football season. However the shear volume of installation changes will mean many not being prepared or ready in time, so act now!!!
Viasat subscriptions are two year deals and so it will be money well spent to have it installed before the August rush. By having the install at the end of this season will save you money as per all subscription cards, the price rises before the start of the new season. Having the install and purchasing the card and receiver as soon as this season finishes will mean you will have the next two seasons of uninterrupted EPL football viewing. May and June 2011 is the very best time to book and buy.
To encourage all to book early we are first running a North West of England very special promotion, in association with Marconi Digital. Marconi has allowed us to promote their two year Viasat packages payable over two years. The first years payment is including the following:

First year subscription Only £1,978 Including HD Viasat Digi Box

(watch one match and record another and keep your all important clients buying from you longer)
First year includes high quality 1.2 alloy dish (usually Triax), brackets, dual cabling, quad LNB (usually Triax).
Expert installation from our very own; in house fully qualified engineers. All or engineers carry the very latest equipment.
Promax display sat meters, quality brackets and none rust dishes, quality quad LNB’s, the best cabling on the market and carry stock to overcome all known possible problems on site. Spare parts including; modulators and additional cabling.
Please remember the high quality HD digi Viasat receiver remains the property of Marconi digital at all times, until the second year payment is made in full (this is five days before at the very latest) before the second year subscription payment is due.
All this with Satsports 100% 12 month parts warranty.

Second Year Subscription Just £1,000

Obviously this second year or any further years with Viasat, requires no additional installation or equipment and so the second year is just an amazing £1,000 for your full second years full season, including Marconi Digital’s very own 100% guaranteed warranty.
Terms and conditions apply depending on site accessibility etc, we strongly recommend all prospective clients to please fill out our very simply (tick box) site survey form below, before calling. We will then having digested the information provided, be able to both confirm the above prices and or advise on any possible additional equipment you may require, such as modulators and HDMI cables etc.
Please note our engineers do not carry chainsaws and or demolition equipment. We always do our very, very best to obtain the best possible satellite signal, by positioning the dish or dishes in the most discreet location. However tree felling and the demolition of your nearest neighbours house, is not included in the price. Please, please take the time to use the tick box enquiry form, to the best of your ability. It’s very important that you help us in order that we can help you.
We welcome large Brewery chains, Hotel Groups and Leasing Agents. We can offer your group a one stop full installation service, and provide the very best equipment at affordable prices.
However independent single managed public houses have always been top of our client base and we will always remain accessible to our loyal longstanding clients, old and new.
So contact us now by filling in this enquiry form and receive a straight forward no nonsense affordable quote now.